Agnė Auželytė

Agnė Auželytė is an interdisciplinary performing artist and choreographer. Having studied contemporary dance in Scotland, Agnė relocated to Berlin in 2012, where she has worked solo and collaboratively with embodied improvisation, sound making, textiles, and time-based and social practice installations. Her work has been presented in contemporary art, theatre, dance, and interdisciplinary contexts, and she has presented and participated in productions at Sophiensaele, nGbK, Dock 11, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Flutgraben, Ufer Studios, Lake Studios (all Berlin); Ponderosa (Stolzenhagen); Fresh Festival (San Francisco); Tic Tac (Brussels), and others. Currently, Agnė is working on the series Undone, a movement and sound performance triptych, in collaboration with Stephen Doyle, as well as performing internationally in the Secret Journey series by Yoshiko Chuma and The School of Hard Knocks (New York). · Instagram


Undone (a breath score)
Interdisciplinary performance · Collaboration with Stephen Doyle
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Undone (a breath score) is the second in a triptych of performances exploring the idea of somatic sound-making and altered-state-driven improvisation scores, created in collaboration with Amsterdam-based musician Stephen Doyle.

In the first work in the series, Undone (a heart score), two performers run for an extended period of time with no audience present, and the work begins with them entering the stage at the moment of collapse. Undone (a breath score) further develops this approach: here through engaging with holotropic breathwork in order to explore a non-ordinary state of consciousness, which precedes an improvisation score on keyboards. The performers seek to build a sonic landscape, where the audience is invited to surrender to a ghostly dream and take a journey inwards, held in a continuous drone. Images appear and disappear, fade over each other, voices rise from underneath the notes as bodies and sounds travel in the space. A slow dance for all things lost unfolds, as the work dissolves into a transpersonal territory of a collective unconscious narrative.

In all works in the Undone series, the performers are fighting against aesthetic expectations and questioning the borders of genre, beyond dance, music, or performance. They search for embodied sounds, and for how a particular physical and psychic state can induce certain movements or sonic qualities that come from a rather intuitive, non-logical, non-rational place.

Undone (a heart score)
Interdisciplinary performance · Collaboration with Stephen Doyle
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Undone (a heart score) is the first in a triptych of performance works, and is a shared performance exploring states of motion and exertion. Following a score, two bodies run for one hour with no audience present. Following this, the piece emerges from the unraveling of the post-collapse state. It is a dialogue between movement and sound. Percussive structures crumble. Bodies enter into a meditative trance, pushing their pulses to the limit, allowing an abstract sonic and visual poem to occur, where the intelligence of the heart is employed in a search for intuition.

Sound · Collaborative improvisation ensemble
Video: Otolitos live in Bludný kámen, Opava, Oct. 9., 2018 · Photo · Photo · Photo
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Otolitos is improv minimalist amplified sound by Tristen, Tom, Agnė, and Angie. One guy called us soft noise. We do drums / bass / noisebox / loopstation / projections. Email us and we will come and play in your basement.

Sound · Collaborative improvisation ensemble

VROUW! is a five piece all-female noise band formed in Amsterdam and currently based in Berlin. VROUW! plays drums, cymbals, bass, contact mics, shoes, self-made synths, cards, hats, tin foil, plastic bags, bowls, beads, threads, and endless other ever-changing amplified objects. VROUW! screams, sings, whispers and listens, riding the waves of experimental soundscapes and femme noise culture.

Sound · Solo work
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Dragons is a poetic solo act. Dragons delivers abstract storytelling, touching on and around edges and peripheries, driven by a fierce heart and surrounded by soft sonic ripples, coming from past and future memories, fantastical dream bodies and mystical encounters. Born in the Himalayas, based in Berlin, Dragons is an ever shifting mirage of what could be. On a loop machine.

Secret Journey
Interdisciplinary performance · Ongoing collaborative group performance series realised under the direction of Yoshiko Chuma
Video: Secret Journey: Dead End Ponderosa · Photo (documentation of performance at Dock 11, Berlin) · Photo (documentation of performance at Dock 11, Berlin)

Secret Journey is an ongoing mosaic of dance, music, visual art, and integration of play with Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks productions. The Secret Journey series started in 2016 at the National Gallery in Prague under Ai Weiwei’s exhibition Law of the Journey which investigated the migration of Syrian refugees. The work was subsequently presented in Ponderosa (Stolzenhagen) and Dock 11 (Berlin) in 2017 and 2018.

FAKE Company
Interdisciplinary performance · Collaborative group performances under direction of Kathleen Hermesdorf
Video: FAKE Company at Dock 11 · FAKE Company at Dock 11

FAKE Company is an international arrangement of performers, an intentionally fluid and flexible group, who discovered their attraction to each other at Ponderosa. Gathered by Kathleen Hermesdorf of ALTERNATIVA in San Francisco, FAKE Company is a container and instigator for artistic freedom within creative collaboration, embedded and embodied in ongoing practices of improvisation in dance, theater, music and visual art.

A Song For Ganges
Film · Solo dance film
Video: A Song For Ganges

A Song For Ganges is a short movement film created at the Morni Hills Performance Art Residency in northern India, curated by Alexa Wilson. Some of the footage used in the film is shot in Rishikesh, India, at the river Ganges, documenting traces left by prayer and ritual, as it mixes with detritus and waste left visible by the receding tides of the river.

Film · Solo performance
Video: Mirahlandia, Fresh Festival 2017 · Photo · Photo

She is a queen.
She is a liar.
She is a sculpture.

She is a proud Mirahlandian.

Mirahlandia is a solo performance and social experiment investigating speculative geographies. Distorting minimalist aesthetics, Mirahlandia blends the mythological with the actual. Building a staged but persuasive facade, Mirahlandia itself is a mirage. Built before the audience as a hallucination, Mirahlandia is an artistic trick of the mind. Mirahlandia was first presented in 2017 as a part of a group exhibition in Salta Collective, Oakland, USA, in the frame of FRESH Festival in San Francisco (USA).

Rug Solo
Performance and textiles · Solo performance
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Rug Solo is a process-based piece, in which I have undertaken the practical work of creating a hand-knitted rug over the course of a series of performances that have been presented between 2016 and the present. This work only proceeds from material that I have received for free — the rug is knitted from leftovers and other scraps of thread that have been given to me, or which I have found or otherwise discovered. The action of presenting this work was begun in a kind of desperation — the performances began through an attempt to sell the rug as I created it, in order to be able to pay my rent. As the work developed over time, the outcome was always offered for sale, but embracing the implicit ambiguity of attempting to sell an object that did not yet exist in any completed form. Over time, the work has expanded in scope to include allusions to other tasks and repeating rituals that surround it — singing, moving, the motion of the needle, the view of the sea. The work continues to the present.

Vagittarius Rising
Interdisciplinary collaboration · Feminist art duo in collaboration with Shelley Etkin
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Vagittarius Rising was an experimental feminist art duo. Israeli-American Shelley Etkin and Lithuanian Agnė Auželytė came together as the Vag Sisters in 2015. Their birthplace and artistic home was Ponderosa, a rural arts centre in Stolzenhagen, Germany. Since then, they have traveled with their work in Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, India, and the USA. Straddling the pathetic and the sexy, the classy and the trashy, Vagittarius Rising has reincarnated as a band, a nation, a miracle, and a school for witches. During this time, the Vag Sisters have rocked stages, basements, and punk bars, published The Declaration of the Nation of Vag in feminist journal HYSTERIA, presented their performance piece Karma vs Kapital at nGbK in Berlin, and achieved sainthood.

Divine Love Electric
Performance · New spiritual movement under direction of Allison Lorenzen and Hana Lee Erdman
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Divine Love Electric is a New Spiritual Movement INSPIRING UNIVERSAL INSPIRATION AND LOVE AND HAPPINESS. Learn the 9 embraces and reveal hidden powers of Universal Benevolence.

Trio Series
Series · Solo performance series
Photo: Picture 0:Blue Water · Photo: Picture 0:Blue Water · Photo: Picture 2: Faces

Trio Series consist of three solo performances: Picture 0:Blue Water, Picture 1: White Lily, and Picture 2: Faces, which all explore different relationships, to one’s mother, to a flower, to one’s own face. Collaged out of short stories, fictional and real memories, confessions, and songs, every solo is a chapter in a non-linear personal narrative.